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The Go-To Platform for Marketing Automation

No more wasting money or time - ThirdEye Tech identifies the best campaign for your business and then builds it for you.
How it works

How it works


You create a company profile, the foundation for successful campaigns.

Company Profile Creation

Pick some objectives. We identify the right campaign plans for you.

Objective-Based Campaigns

Select the campaign you want to go with. A detailed campaign plan is built and you’re ready to get started.

Detailed Campaign Plan

Choose a team to work on your campaign content or ask us to suggest ideal suppliers.

Team Set-Up

We brief each team member for you. Once your team has finished, you hit go.

Quote & Brief

You sit back and watch your campaign perform. We provide reports that are easy to understand.

Clear Reports


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Great product - it’s like a Marketing Director in your pocket!
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Brief-Ready Company Profile Screenshot


Brief-Ready Company Profile

Get our expert guidance as you define your audience, your company values, and your brand value proposition, building a solid foundation for all your future marketing campaigns.

Campaigns Based on your Business

Get effective campaigns that match your specific business needs – all done for you. Campaign plans are based on real-world marketing best practice and the most relevant channels for your audience – forget all the buzzwords and the hype.

Campaigns Based on Results Screenshot


Just the Numbers that Matter Screenshot


Just the Numbers that Matter

Don’t get bogged down with vanity metrics that don’t really mean anything. We will keep you focused on the numbers that will actually make a difference to your business.

Build a Winning Team

ThirdEye Tech will guide you through the people you’ll need to put together a winning campaign. If you don’t have the right people on board already, we can match your campaign with top-quality, carefully screened and affordable freelancers from our creative talent marketplace.

Build a Winning Team Screenshot


Project Briefs That Actually Work Screenshot


Project Briefs That Actually Work

Our Project Quote & Brief tool creates clear project briefs that will keep the whole team on the same page and make sure that you know all the supplier costs upfront.

Results at a Glance

No time for the details? No problem – Keep up to date with simple, understandable and visually stunning reports that summarize your campaign results.

Results at a Glance Screenshot



Sasha Krysta


ThirdEye Tech is the brainchild of Sasha Krysta CEO of Lionique the multi-award-winning London-based management consultancy. In 2019, Sasha has been voted the “Most Influential Woman in Brand Building” and the “Most Innovative Woman in Digital Marketing”.

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Sasha Krysta, The Founder and CEO of ThirdEye Tech
The Founder
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